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Stakeholders' Engagement

The Group strives to maintain a clear and open channel of communication with our stakeholders to optimise the value creation of our business.

Our key stakeholders are categorized into six groups that influence our business decisions. This year, we continue to explore new engagement avenues that serve to enhance the level of transparency and accountability throughout our business operations.

Our Stakeholders

Social Responsibility

Tropicana champions the development of our workforce by encouraging a culture of continuous learning and fair practices. To create a thriving workplace, our focus is set on preserving the health and safety of our stakeholders at all times, especially throughout the course of this pandemic, across all our operating areas.

We also remain dedicated to realising our aspirations to deliver quality products and provide exemplary services to our customers. To this effect, key measures were undertaken to monitor customer satisfaction and gain valuable feedback on evolving consumer demands on properties in which they wish to own or invest in.

The Group also extended generous assistance to local communities in 2022 via our charity channel - Tropicana Foundation. Donations and other contributions were allocated based on our commitment to improve education and healthcare in Malaysia.

Quality Assurance

Tropicana remains consistent in our commitment to upholding the quality of our products and services that meet stakeholders' expectations. Ingrained in our Tropicana DNA, quality excellence extends beyond the products we create to include the services we provide, operational performance and construction practices at our project sites.

Essential to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, maintaining quality performance also promotes cost and operational efficiencies that ultimately reduces the wastage of resources and manpower throughout the construction phase of our projects. To achieve this, we adopt the Improvement Cycle - a series of steps and actions that facilitates the continuous assessment of our products and operations to enhance value creation for our stakeholders.

Quality Management System

Tropicana's Quality Management System ("QMS") is a strong foundation of well-developed processes. It is a system of processes that demonstrate the best practices, prevention measures, performances, management involvement and customer satisfaction. Our QMS adheres to the internationally recognised standards, ISO 9001:2015. Staff across all levels have gone through training and awareness sessions to ensure processes are recognised and followed through to effectively meet our policy and increase efficiency. For the enhancement towards effectiveness of the QMS, the e-QMS in Tropicana has become one of the systems that documents and manages business processes for product development, quality, and compliance across the entire organization and as a data model which facilitates cross-functional communication and collaboration.


In our pursuit to deliver quality assurance to our customers, we benchmark our products against the Quality Assessment for Building Construction Works ("QLASSIC") standard - a certification system established by the Construction Industry Development Board ("CIDB"). Based on three key quality criteria, our QA team conducts an assessment based on the QLASSIC guidelines before engaging with CIDB regulators for formal QLASSIC scoring and certification. The table below presents Tropicana's QLASSIC scores for projects that were assessed and certified in FY2022.

Service Excellence

To understand the needs of our key stakeholders, Tropicana recognises the importance of conducive engagement measures that allows us to constructively communicate with our customers. Such as the practice in preceding years, we conducted customer satisfaction surveys on property purchasers who were willing to provide their input. Through their feedback, we can effectively gauge the expectation and concerns of our customers while also understanding shifting customer trend that would help the Group position itself as a customer-centric organization.

Engage with Us

The Group's Customer Care Unit ("CCU") and VP teams function as a direct line of communication to our customers to gain their feedback or concerns regarding any of the Group's products and services.

With the aim to create a seamless end-to-end property ownership experience, our team of professionals helms a variety of communication platforms, both online and offline, for greater efficiency and enhanced capabilities to provide value-added solutions to our customers.

Business Innovation

As we continue to reap the benefits of emerging technologies that promote rapid digital transformation, Tropicana considers business innovation as one of the key contributors to our long-term business growth. While the pandemic certainly helped fuel the adoption of digitalised operations within the industry, as a market leader, this accelerated Tropicana's efforts to digitalise our internal and external processes further.

Tropicana 360 App

To elevate the user experience for our customers, Tropicana embarked on a journey to develop a digital platform that proviided value-added solutions and access to wide variety of our developments and clubhouses.

The Tropicana 360 ("T360") application is a lifestyle platform that delivers innovative solutions through an automated channel of engagement for greater efficiency. The all-encompassing app is tailored to integrate customer service avenues with our VP and CCU team while providing timely updates on the progress of our projects. We strive to redefine the homeownership experience by converging informative property news about our developments, property management and facilities booking into one seamless platform.

Employee Diversity & Inclusion

To sustain a thriving business and deliver value to our shareholders, we place the best interest of our employees at the forefront of our operating considerations. We believe that our people are the foundation and strength that enabled Tropicana to reach the success that it has achieved and hold the potential to propel the Group to greater heights. Therefore, we continuously work towards creating a conducive working environment by empowering our workforce through fair practices and inclusivity while rejecting any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, age and creed.

The Group does not condone forced or compulsory labour, child labour, or any form of discrimination in our business operations and supply chain.

At Tropicana, our employees are allowed to exercise their labour rights while following the Group's in-house rules such as forbidding any staff from refusing to work, wilfully slow-down work and participating in illegal strikes. Tropicana values work-life balance and does not encourage working overtime or on weekends, unless necessary.

Supporting Women at the Workplace

In 2022, 51% of ur workforce were women, compared to 46% in 2021. Many held Management and Executive level positions within the Group.

We continue to endorse initiatives that prioritise gender equality, such as providing nursery rooms, and career opportunities based on merit.

Tropicana will not encourage nor tolerate any form of speech and conduct which may fall under the term which constitutes "Sexual Harassment" whether subtle or explicit. It is our policy to preserve a professional working atmosphere of trust and respect and our employees in order to create harmony in the workplace and all employees must also be sensitive to what may be considered offensive.

Should there be any conduct that the employee feels uncomfortable with, the procedure would be the same as the Grievance procedure.

Tropicana offers maternity leave as well as paternity leave to all of its employees.