Beauty in the Pot's new, flagship outlet at Tropicana Gardens Mall is poised to dominate the dining scene with its delectable hotpot meals. Its CEO, Elyna Tan tells us more.

Elyna, who has 20 years of experience in the F&B industry, notes that her passion fuels her, and her life motto is “When there is a will, there is a way”. “Despite the pandemic, the Paradise Group continues to employ 600 people. We did not let anyone go. We even hired some people who had been laid off from other jobs. And, we’re still hiring. We must do well in order to maintain everyone’s long-term careers. We want our employees to grow with us.”

One would be forgiven for mistaking Beauty In The Pot for a beauty parlour based on its name, but it is actually a restaurant that serves tasty, nutritious meals. “The name Beauty In The Pot was chosen because we want diners to enjoy their hotpot meals while also reaping the health benefits,” says Elyna Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Paradise Group Malaysia, the company responsible for bringing Beauty In The Pot from Singapore to Malaysia. She points out that the Signature Beauty Collagen Broth, which takes over eight hours to make, is particularly good for the skin. Collagen helps to keep skin soft, smooth, and supple. “Our hotpot idea is based on the food for health culture and features six nourishing soup bases that guarantee a wide range of flavours and several health benefits.” Collagen, hot and spicy, coconut, herbal chicken, tomato, and vegetarian mushroom soup are among the six homemade soups offered at Beauty In The Pot.

“We make our hotpot soups drinkable, not greasy like the typical mala hotpot often served in China. Our soups are tasty and nutritious. For example, you’ll notice a thick layer of ginseng in our herbal chicken soup,” explains Elyna. All of the ingredients used are fresh, and all of the soups are made from scratch on a daily basis. Elyna’s favourites include meatballs, prawn balls, and fish balls, notably the black pepper meatballs, which are made with only the finest black pepper. “I also like the dumplings because of how delicious they are. One of our signature dishes is the fried beancurd skin, which is a must-try. It is prepared fresh daily and has a great crunch to it.” When compared to its two other outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highlands, Beauty In The Pot at Tropicana Gardens Mall in Petaling Jaya, scheduled to open in February 2022, is the largest and costs over RM4.5 million. The flagship outlet is about 8,000 square feet and can hold up to 350 guests.

Five VIP rooms are also available, three of which may be opened up to accommodate up to 30 guests. In contrast to its sister outlets, the flagship outlet is decked out in a chic and classy Tiffany blue colour scheme. “We chose to open at Tropicana Gardens Mall since it is a well-established mall in a convenient location surrounded by residential areas. We also have a strong working relationship with the landlord, who has provided us with a prime spot within the mall, on the ground floor, close to the main entrance.”

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